We work with and along side every restaurant that participates in our Chilly Monkeys Card to

help them grow and to help them thrive for many years to come

We believe being amongst and a part of the many fantastic restaurants in this vibrant city truly is a huge part of what Dublin is all about.  It is part of the overall Dublin experience which should be shared and enjoyed for both locals and visitors a like.


We have created our Chilly Monkeys Card Dublin to not only encourage you guys to head out more and explore these places, but also to make it a more affordable and a real option for everyone at the same time.


With the vast number of visitors coming into Dublin, we give them a real restaurant guide  of 'must visit' places to enjoy and experience whilst they are here. We do not only help promote the well known establishments but we also help promote the cities hidden true gems all on and off the beaten track that may otherwise not get the customers that they truly deserve.


In changing times we have all had to watch where we spend our money a little more closely. Unfortunately for a lot of us eating out has gone from a weekly occurrence to an occasional treat.

This change in times has made a massive impact on the restaurant and beverage industry seeing the number of restaurant dinners and restaurant profits dropping dramatically.


Restaurants pay a huge roll in Ireland's infrastructure employing 72,000 people and contributing €2 billion to the Irish economy each year. But for many of Dublin's restaurants it goes beyond profits, its passion and love in what they do. Our vision is to not only to help spread the word on how great these restaurants really are, but also to share in their passion and love, to drive their business forward, grow with them and to help them thrive for many years to come.

The Chilly Monkeys Card was designed to be mutually beneficial to both our participating restaurants and the Chilly Monkeys Card members at the same time. We do hope that you respect the restaurants involved in our Chilly Monkeys Card and in turn the restaurants reciprocate that respect to our members.. you guys!

What started as a group of friends whilst living and having fun in the Canary Islands over 15 years ago, has now grown into a dedicated team of bright individuals from a variety of different countries who share the same passion and belief in what we do. This is how our company the Chilly Monkeys was born. After years of questions for recommendations and top holiday tips from all kinds of the many visitors we have met over the years, we decided we could use our vast combined knowledge to create the ultimate 'Insiders Guide' to Gran Canaria called the ''Chilly Monkeys Guide.''

Well it has been an amazing journey for us all and this is only the beginning. We will continue to grow and of course we will keep you updated on what we have learned and experienced along the way.


If you have anything you would like to tell us about, or you are a company interested in working with us than please send us an email as we certainly would love to hear from you.  You guys make us stronger and keep us moving forward.

The Chilly Monkeys Card is not about taking profit away from it´s participating restaurants, it's

about increasing the sheer number of quality people that love eating out and sharing their experiences as much as we do. Thus increasing the restaurants revenue as a whole.


The Chilly Monkeys Guide gives you a true insight into Canary Islands life, all on and off the beaten track and can be found through out our extensive website and in our handy location guide which can be found in a wide number of locations throughout the South of Gran Canaria.


So if you are visiting Gran Canaria and fancy some top tips, places to see and exciting things to do whilst you are there than check out our Chilly Monkeys Guide.


You can find it at:

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